Coach Jei teaches traditional Brazilian Jiu-jitsu at his academy in Burien, Wa. The classes link movement and technique in imaginative, sometimes challenging, and always fun sequences, balancing the energy between dynamic movement and functional martial arts training. His classes are welcoming and friendly, and open to anyone of any age willing to learn. They include some BJJ philosophy and lots of positive encouragement.

Through a flowing, dynamic jiu-jitsu practice we help the active mind stay focused on the breath and technique, alleviating tension, stress, repetitive thoughts and negative emotions. Jiu-jitsu practice supports a strong mind and body creating a balance between strength/flexibility and poise/composure. We have a fundamentals focused curriculum, because we believe that the small details combine to form the bigger picture.


Private Lessons

Bespoke sessions taught at the academy. They are built around your individual needs and interests and allow deeper focus on proper posture, understanding of fundamental frames, movement drills and BJJ philosophy. This is a chance to ease your way into jiu-jitsu or take your practice to a new level. Private sessions are suitable for one on one or small groups.


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