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Why Our Kids Program?

Straight Blast Gym’s youth program is for children age 4-13. The program is the perfect addition to any child’s weekly enrichment routine. In these classes children will be introduced to structured active play that incorporates a variety of body movements to help them develop the ABC’s of movement, agility, balance, coordination, and speed. This lays the foundation for fundamental BJJ skills that will be taught alongside these skills. Children will also be given many opportunities to develop leadership skills through learning how to teach, coach, and by doing neighborhood demonstrations. We pride ourselves on our kids program, and invite you to see what we are all about!

Adult Program

The Many Benefits Your Child Will Achieve

Increased Confidence


Bully Proof


Increased Fitness


Increased Focus




Increased Coordination


Competition Experience


Sense of Accomplishment


Healthy Activity

BJJ is a great way for your child to lose weight, get in shape, and build valuable mental skills to help them push through obstacles and adversities. BJJ benefits both mind and body.

Make Friends

Because of the nature of the sport, kids end up making great friends in the jiu-jitsu academy. Other team sports can end up being a popularity contest. Jiu-jitsu teaches very early that we need to trust and depend on our training partners.

Plug Into Reality

BJJ will allow your child the opportunity to disconnect from media, and plug into what’s going on around them. It keeps kids’ minds occupied well after class has ended.

Stay Out Of Trouble

BJJ teaches control, but it also teaches discipline and restraint. We think a lot of times this only applies to the “fighting” realm, but eventually is carries over into other aspects of a child’s life.

Lifetime Skill

We look at BJJ as an investment in your child’s life. It can come in handy should they ever find themselves in a dangerous situation or they could use the skills they learn to teach or compete and make a living.

Cooperative Environment

Unlike most team sports, jiu-jitsu is a coed environment, which means it mimics the real world. Children, both male and female, need to learn how to confidently communicate and cooperate with each other. This is extremely important when it comes to setting boundaries and developing a mutual respect.