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Why Women’s Only?

Let’s be honest, jiu-jitsu classes are intimidating for everyone; man, woman, and child. However, since the sport is predominately male, it can be harder for women to make jiu-jitsu a life-long hobby. Our women’s only classes are a great way for women to ease into our programming, without the added intimidation of being the only woman in the room. Our women’s only program is designed to provide students with a supplemental understanding of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu theory and techniques with the hope that they will eventually join the co-ed adult classes.

Adults Program

Benefits you will see in your time at SBG Burien

Improved Strength


Improved Cardio


Stress Relief


Self-Defense Skills


Increased Confidence


Weight Loss


Increased Flexibility


Fun New Hobby


No Guys

While many jiu-jitsu classes are predominately male, our women’s only classes provide a non-intimidating space for women to experience the training environment here at SBG Burien.

Taught by Women

Who else better to teach a women’s class than other women. Learning from someone who is knowledgeable of the sport and is also equipped with similar experiences and conceptions help when learning a new skill.

Progress Faster

Women who train with other women are more likely to experience the full range of jiu-jitsu positions and submissions. In the process of this exchange, they develop the timing and pathways needed to hit these techniques on larger and stronger opponents.